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Wildwood Wilderness Wax - WildWood Self-Reliance

Wildwood Wilderness Wax

$ 5.00
Wilderness Wax consists of 100% yellow bees wax, tallow, walnut oil, citronella oil, tea tree oil, and coconut oil. It is a softer consistency than straight beeswax but comes with many more uses. Walnut oil is great for leather and wood. Tea tree oil is an amazing antiseptic making it great for scratches, cuts, and scrapes, skin infections, cracked skin on hands and lips and more. Citronella oil of course will keep insects at bay when rubbed on skin or tools or a chunk melted down in a container in which you could also fashion a wick and use as a candle for light or bugs. Bees wax and tallow can be used as a water repellant or sealant on wood metal leather canvas Etc. Non toxic. All natural.